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Sedona, Arizona Sightseeing

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Joshua Cherry, A native america Indian "Sioux," has been in Sedona, Arizona since 1987. When he was a boy he found many unique sights in and around the area that are like no other. Before he opened Sedona Sacred Tours and began sharing the treasures of Sedona, he would take his friends out to the secret vortexes in the canyons where the ancients once stood. As time went on for Joshua the signs were all over for him to become a tour guide. Back in 2003, Joshua had a near death experience, "NDE" that would change his life forever. He was dead for ten minutes. What he experienced in those moments, after he was declared dead, is incredible. Joshua shares this amazing experience with his guests while on tour along with other stories, history and a native american Indian view point of Sedona. Joshua is a spiritual person who enjoys assisting in healing. 

In 2010, Joshua started Sedona Sacred Tours as a way to share with his guests the beautiful secrets of Sedona.

Joshua's "Sedona Sightseeing" tour is a favorite in Sedona. The most popular tour is the "Sedona Vortex Energy" tour is an eye opening experience involving secret vortices and healing waters of the ancients.   . 

Come to the land of the red mother earth where the red rocks reach to the sky. 

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